Summer and autumn often bring more fruit than we can immediately use. Why not preserve it? You can juice your fruit to make wine, cider or cordial; bottle it or dry it. These are all traditional methods of extending your harvest into the rest of the year that are less carbon-intensive than freezing. You can do this on a small scale with the equipment in your kitchen.  Or if you have a larger glut or want to do it with friends and so need to go a bit bigger scale WALGA has just the kit for you!

This equipment was bought by WALGA (Waldringfield Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Association) in August 2010 with a grant from the Suffolk Foundation.  It is being promoted by ttWoodbridge (Transition Town Woodbridge) as helping to retain or revive traditional skills that will almost certainly be relevant again as fossil fuels become more problematic and as food supplies are re-localised. 

The equipment is available for borrowing by community groups (e.g. school, WI, allotment or small-holding association etc) through http://www.onesuffolk.co.uk/communitygroups: we want to encourage multiple use for all this stuff rather than have it sit in a store for most of its life – thereby reducing consumption (and thus landfill and resource depletion) and encouraging community co-operation.  Individuals may also borrow it on the same terms.  There is a small charge to cover insurance and repair and replacement.  Borrowers who make an individual charge for their event will be asked to pay a proportion of their takings in addition to the basic hire charge.

Borrowers should leave time for  a full briefing on collection or have attended a previous event and are responsible for the safe use of the equipment and may, with WALGA's agreement, pass collect it from a previous user or hand it on to the next one in order to save transport costs.  Events where the stuff is used or demonstrated will be advertised to known potential borrowers so that there is a steadily increasing group of competent users sharing skills and experience.

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